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Chip & Pin Machines Midlands

Chip and Pin Machines for Midlands Businesses

Regardless of the nature of your business, if you need to be able to take credit card payments.  Here at Yorkshire Payments we’re specialists in all aspects of payment processing and our chip and pin machines are available to businesses across the Midlands.

We offer a wide range of chip and pin machines, with different options suitable for the varying needs of different businesses.  For example, if you run a busy restaurant or hotel, you’ll need a chip and pin machine that’s easily portable and allows payments to be taken at your customer’s table.  Or for salespeople or mobile hairdressers; a chip and pin machine with capability to process sales whenever or wherever you need to.

As suppliers of chip and pin machines in the Midlands, at Yorkshire Payments our chip and pin packages are competitively priced and have been developed to help our clients save both time and money.  The perfect credit card processing system for shops and offices, our Classic package includes a user-friendly chip and pin machine, with large buttons and an easy to read display.  This machine is future-proof so there’s no need to worry about the technology becoming obsolete and with a ‘cardholder not present’ facility included as standard, you’ll be able to take payments over the phone.

If you need a reliable credit card payment system that also offers freedom of portability, our On the Move chip and pin machine provides the ideal solution for businesses in the hospitality industries.  With an impressive 100 metre Bluetooth range from the base, this chip and pin package is perfect for even the largest hotel or restaurant.

At Yorkshire Payments we understand that different businesses have differing credit card payment requirements and if you need a chip and pin machine that can handle mobile credit card processing, our On the Move Gold package will fit the bill.  As with all our chip and pin machines, this handset has been designed to be user friendly and because payments can be taken via any UK network, you’ll be able to take payments when you’re out and about or away from the office on business.

Our chip and pin machines are available throughout the Midlands – we work closely with all our customers with the aim of offering technical support whenever it’s required.  Our highly trained support staff work in dedicated teams, each responsible for offer technical support that’s tailor-made to cover all areas of credit card payments.

We take great pride in our reputation for offering excellent customer service and technical support.  We’d love to talk to you about our wide range of merchant services, covering everything from chip and pin machines, through to online credit card payments, ecommerce systems and merchant only accounts.  Why not get in touch with us today for details of our chip and pin machine services in the Midlands?