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Credit Card Machines Leeds

Credit card machines for Leeds businesses

At Yorkshire Payments we provide a range of merchant services and credit card machine packages designed to offer reliability at an unbeatable price.  As one of the most experienced providers of credit card machines in Leeds, we understand that different businesses have different payment processing requirements and our tailor-made services can be adapted to suit your needs.

We find the right credit card machine package for your business

Our range of specialist credit card machine packages has been developed to cover the payment processing demands of your business.  Our Classic Package, for example, offers the ideal option for the majority of shops and offices and will provide efficient credit card payment processing in either face-to-face or ‘cardholder not present situations.’  With future proof technology, plug and play capability and a free merchant account, our Classic Package represents excellent value for money.

Portable credit card machines

Developed to meet the unique requirements of businesses in the hospitality industries, our On the Move Package is the ideal card processing solution for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels.  As providers of credit card machines in Leeds, at Yorkshire Payments we understand that if you run a busy pub or restaurant, you’ll need to be able to take your credit card machine to your customers and our On the Move package offers superior portability freedom at a very competitive price.  Our On the Move credit card machine can be used up to 100 metres from the base – making it ideal for large establishments – and with an impressive 100 transactions per battery life, you’ll be able to take credit card payments wherever and whenever you need to.

For businesses on the move, our On the Move Gold package ticks all the right boxes.  Including a powerful chip and pin machine that is designed to process payments from anywhere in the UK, this package is perfectly suited to travelling sales people, tradespeople or any mobile business.  Our On the Move Gold chip and pin machine uses GPRS roaming to connect to any UK network and with an unbeatable 100 transactions per battery life and free merchant account, we think it represents great value.

The complete credit card machine solution

As established providers of credit card machines in Leeds, here at Yorkshire Payments we have developed our Business Ultimate Package to cover the payment processing requirements of businesses that need to be able to process payments either face-to-face, over the phone or online.  This package includes our On the Move terminal with the inclusion of a GPRS roaming sim card as required, along with a free merchant account, virtual terminal and an e-commerce shopping gateway.

We know that not all businesses need a chip and pin machine and our Virtual Terminal package has been created to meet the payment processing requirements of sales companies, call centres and any business that takes transactions over the phone.  Smartphone and tablet friendly, our Virtual Terminal service can be accessed by any web browser and with a 30 day rolling agreement that includes 50 gateway transactions, offers reliable payment processing at a competitive price.

Our helpful support team

Here at Yorkshire Payments we’re confident that we can save you money on your payment processing costs.  Whether you are an established business or a start-up, our helpful team will be happy to offer advice and guidance on the perfect payment solution to meet your payment processing needs.

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