Updates to our virtual terminal

These updates will include new features and a few minor changes we are making, which will benefit both you and your customers.


Changes to the virtual terminal -

The Virtual Terminal (VT) will have a User Interface overhaul with new collapsible subgroups and the following subgroups being added:

  • Delivery
  • Purchase Details
  • Authorisation
  • Custom Details

The Custom Details subgroup will allow Merchants to create their own unique fields to pass to Gateway along with some well-known field such as orderDate, subMerchantID etc.


Changes to the pay button -

The Pay Button has two newly added features. The first of these features allow the Merchants to specify the Transaction Type between SALE, PREAUTH and VERIFY*. The second of these features allows the Merchant to set a Capture/Settlement Delay specifying whether or not the funds should be captured immediately, in (x) amount of days or manually when required.