Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming 3D Secure V2 Regulations

We are aware that a lot of our Global Payments customers have recently been written to with regards to the upcoming 3D Secure V2 regulations and about making sure to be prepared for when the legislation comes into effect. At Yorkshire Payments we pride ourselves on our customer service and as such wanted to confirm and clarify what this entails, what this means and how this affects you.

Firstly we just want to assure you that Cardstream, the developers of the Merchant Management System we use for our Virtual Terminal (MOTO) and E-Commerce (EOCOM) platforms, are indeed in contact with Global Payments regarding 3D Secure level 2 and are indeed testing and developing their platform constantly to ensure that it will be ready for the outlined deadlines.

These deadlines are as follows:

– 31 Dec 2020 for EU Customers

– 14 Sep 2021 for UK Customers

This means that by the 31st of December 2020 your Payment Gateway must comply with 3D Secure V2 for your EU customers, not for customers that live in the UK; this legislation comes into effect for UK customers in September 2021. If you do not accept international orders on your e-commerce website, particularly from the EU, then these changes do not affect you until the UK deadline next year, however we strongly advise you use this time to make sure that your 3D Secure settings are up to date and preparing for these changes.

Please note that some of our MOTO clients have been contacted regarding 3D Secure V2 and we just want to assure you that 3D Secure does not affect our MOTO customers; MOTO transactions are not guided by 3D Secure legislation and therefore any updates or amendments to said legislation will not affect you.

With regards to our ECOM clients, if you are using a Hosted Integration; i.e. your Website Shopping cart redirects away from your site to the Yorkshire Payments gateway, you also do not need to do anything. The responsibility to be ready for 3D Secure v2 is with Yorkshire Payments/Cardstream and we will update accordingly once these changes are ready to be implemented and rolled out.

However if you have a Direct Integration, i.e. your website hosts the payment gateway and the customer never leaves your website to pay, then the responsibility to make sure that you are ready for 3D Secure v2 is with yourselves as the client. Do not worry though, we will assist you with making sure that you will be ready for when this legislation comes into effect. Right now Cardstream are still in the process of preparing the Payment Gateway ready for 3D Secure V2 so right now we do not have any documentation on what your web developers will need to change however these will be available as soon as we receive them.

In the meantime if you do have any queries at all regarding the moving to 3D Secure V2, be it through Direct or Hosted Integration, please direct all queries to our Support Email (support@yorkshirepayments.com) with the subject “3D Secure v2 Queries”, we want to get an idea of what our client base wants/needs to know in the run up to these changes and put together an FAQ for such things.”

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