Apprentice Week – Danny

It's national apprentice week, so let's see what our apprentices have to say about their roles at Yorkshire Payments.

What made you decide to start an apprenticeship?

At the time didn’t want to be in education and wanted to start earning my own money as well as developing on my skills.

How old were you when you began your apprenticeship, and in what role did you start?

18 and I started in digital marketing, however, at the time there was not a big demand in posting on social media. I am now working in the technical team as the technical team leader.

What was your favourite thing about your apprenticeship, and have you benefit from this through the duration of your course?

My favourite aspect of my apprenticeship was learning with you’re working. I think this was a big motivation for me as I was earning money, developing my knowledge and working on my transferable skills.

For a lot of young people deciding what they want to do after leaving education is tricky, why would you recommend they begin an apprenticeship?

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is wanting to earn while learning. You also receive recognised qualifications in which can help you in the future for other employment roles as well as internal roles. Receive discounts as an apprentice you are technically classed as a student meaning you can enrol for a NUS card which provides discount of many different activities and stores.

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