Apprentice Week

Josh Haigh

What made you decide to start an apprenticeship?

I wanted to be able to learn on the job while getting money so I can also have the freedom to be able to do what I want in life.

How old were you when you began your apprenticeship, and in what role did you start?

I had just turned 17 when I started. It was a telesales role which helped me develop my skills.

What was your favourite thing about your apprenticeship, and have you benefit from this through the duration of your course?

I liked that I could work within the business and feel like I was equal to everyone else.

For a lot of young people deciding what they want to do after leaving education is tricky, why would you recommend they begin an apprenticeship?

? I would recommend it because you get the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to learn and are provided with an education aspect, you also get to work hard and see how the working world is for you.