Bethel Street, an old building, a new life.

Yorkshire Payments are back on the high street and their new building and plans for the future prove to offer great new opportunities for the company and the public of Brighouse town.

The Old Bethel Chapel has been a part of the Brighouse town centre since the early 1800s, where it was used as a chapel from 1811-1904. William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army was a minister of the chapel between the years 1857-1858 making the building an important historical mark in the town centre of Brighouse.

Since Yorkshire payments began business in the old bethel chapel, the building’s interior has been completely redesigned and transformed into a fantastic working environment with new offices, a new meeting room, new toilets and a new kitchen and dining area for staff.

The move has brought the company back to the high street, bringing them closer to the local companies. Yorkshire Payments also hope for the move to create up to 80 new jobs over the next three years at the business.

Moving back to the high street has also brought more business to Brighouse’s businesses as staff are using local shops during the day, creating a strong bond between Yorkshire Payments and Brighouse’s high street.

Briggate, Brighouse

The new building also offers a better working environment for the staff working at Yorkshire Payments, who working as a team create a great working environment for the company. Each of the company’s excellent departments each agreed on things they enjoy about the new building and being in the heart of Brighouse.

Here's what our team think:

 Tech support team

“We enjoy the new facilities in the building, the new office space offers a more comfortable space to work in.”

Applications Team

“We enjoy the buildings new graphics, making it unique to other office environments.”

Sales team

“We enjoy the opportunity to grow as a business now that the company is within a local town.”

Customer care team

“We agree that the location for the company is much more convenient as the company is now within a local area of small businesses that the company both works with and hopes to work with in the future.

Sales Executives Team

“We enjoy being surrounded by many of Yorkshire Payments lovely customers in the town centre”

James Howard, Managing Director

“The move into the town centre of Brighouse is two-fold, for the development of our Business long term and for the growth of our town centre.

Yorkshire Payments provides EPOS, Card Processing, Charity, and online payment services to Retailers, Bars, Hotels and Restaurants, these businesses are typically found within a busy built up town centre, so it makes absolute perfect sense for us to be in and amongst them.

Brighouse is a very special place for our Business, with us already supporting the local football club, the annual festivals and the local schools we also want to support the town centre with adding additional footfall every day from our staff to shop, eat and drink here.”

Teresa Whyte, Head of Sales

“I am so proud to be part of Yorkshire Payments, we are the only company that I know of that has moved back into the heart of Brighouse and its high street.

We are proud to be part of the Brighouse Community and helping support all the local businesses from lunchtime purchases to the amazing boutiques to just being part of the Community.

The move has been hard work with the renovations still on- going. Great organisational skills from James (managing director), Vikki (HR director) & Lisa (finance manager).

Thank you to all the local tradesmen who have worked long hours to make sure we are ready for our launch date.

The listed building thanks to James has retained its amazing feel and totally feels like the new home of Yorkshire Payments.

Kate has done an amazing job with our branding. Team spirit is at its highest and we love our new home.”

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