How do Card Payments Work?
Card Payments

The Life Cycle of a Card Payment

When you make a sale, have you ever wondered about the process behind the payment? Your sale embarks on a multi-step journey all in the fraction of a second. See our Life Cycle of a Card Payment to see an example of a card payment process.

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Payment Technology

The Life Cycle of an Online Payment

When shopping online the payment goes on a journey, all in a matter of a few seconds. See our infographic of the life cycle of an online payment to understand more about the process.

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how to start an online business

How to Start an Online Business

Starting a business online has it’s appeals, it can be quick to set up and you can access a global audience. An online business has the advantages of being able to run on a low budget and isn’t beholden to a bricks and mortar premises.

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How to start a business

What You Need to Start a Small Business

So you have an exciting business idea and you want to start the ball rolling, but where do you start? Starting a business requires planning, research and organisation. The following list is a guide to some of the more important aspects of starting a business.

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Smartwatch Contactless Payments
Card Payments

The History of Card Payments

Our relationship with cash is ever changing, with the introduction of credit cards and card terminals it’s never been easier for payment transactions. But where did it all begin? Read below of the history of card payments.

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Castles Saturn 1000


The Castles Saturn 1000 Card Terminal is now available from Yorkshire Payments. Read more about The Saturn and how to get started here.