Castles Saturn 1000 Card Terminal – The Saturn Has Landed

The Castles Saturn 1000 Card Terminal is now available from Yorkshire Payments. Read more about The Saturn and how to get started here.

We are delighted to announce that Yorkshire Payments now provide businesses with the newly designed Castles Saturn 1000 next generation mobile device. The Saturn 1000 is a modern, multifunctional card terminal with a wide range of capabilities to optimise the checkout process for your business.

The Saturn 1000F2 is based on a secure Android platform and has a integrated contactless reader function with a 5.5” full touchscreen. With a simple, easy to use interface the Castles Saturn is extremely user friendly, it is a safe and secure card terminal for merchants looking for a next generation payment device.

If you’re looking to enhance your business with a cost effective, efficient and secure way to accept card payments the Castles Saturn 1000 could be for you. It comes with several optional features including 4G LTE/3G, WIFI, Bluetooth and stylus. See the features and benefits below.

Features and Benefits

Unprecedented Security and Certifications

Incredibly Adaptable

Exceptional Performance

Castles Saturn 1000 Card Terminal

If your business isn’t set up to accept card payments then you could be losing customers.

People are using cash less and less, with a global shift toward digital and electronic payments, being set up to allow customers to pay using card or mobile is essential for a more efficient, secure experience. Engaging with customers and providing a unique customer experience increases customer loyalty and brand recognition while also increasing revenue.

New research conducted nationwide by Paymentsense shows that “on average, across the UK, if a business doesn’t accept payment after 4.5 months of their last visit, 53% of consumers said they would leave the shop straight away without buying anything.

And what’s worse, 30% said they would be less likely to return.”

Accepting card payments has now become essential for businesses, to avoid loss of custom and loss in revenue your business needs to be up to date with consumer demands. The Castles Saturn 1000 is a great card machine to allow you to run your business on the go, it is extremely easy to use. You can make a sale, process refunds, run end of day reports all on your terminal.

Integrate your Castles Saturn 1000 with EPOS

Integrate your Castles Saturn 1000 with our Yorkshire Payments EPOS system and your accountancy software to provide your business with a wealth of insight into your operations, sales analytics and statistics. You can analyse sales trends, see what products are selling, compare and contrast data from historical reports so that you can see a clear overview of your business operations, check stock levels and even manage your team. You can create vouchers and promotions and collect customer data to tailor your customer experience and understand your customers’ spending habits.

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