5 Benefits of EPOS

Using an EPOS till for your business has huge benefits.

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EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale)

Below is a list of 5 benefits of using EPOS for your business. If you want to find out more then give us a call on 01422 323785.

 Yorkshire Payments have a whole range of EPOS tills.

5 Benefits of using EPOS

  • Minimises human error

Minimises confusion on discounts or promotion prices, as well as being able to categorise certain products and have product prices programmed correctly.

e.g. No more disputes about items that may be on sale, or disputes about refunds. 

  • Keep track of transactions

Each member of staff has their own log in. At the end of the day you can see logs of each member of staff transactions. You can also keep track of performance from your workforce.

e.g We can see that Jonny hasn’t served any customers between 9pm and 10pm.

  • Easier to analyse trends and sales

You can keep track of what products sell the most and analyse certain trends. For example if you work in a restaurant, you may notice that certain foods sell better at different times of day.

e.g On Friday evenings we sell a lot more portions of nachos than any other day of the week. We should make sure we are always prepared for this.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Say goodbye to long queues. Regular updates on stock (online and instore) with one click you update your stock data so that customers are kept in the loop. Automated functions allow staff to cut down on time and process more orders.

e.g EPOS tills communicate with kitchen staff so your waiter or waitress doesn’t have to tell the kitchen staff about your order.

  • A good way of collecting customer info

You can gather customer information (with their permission) and their contact information and tailor promotional material based on their spending at your premises.

e.g if a customer gives you marketing permission you can see that they spend X amount on smart work clothes per month. You can target your adverts to this customer and send information about your new clothing range for business women.