Hard-wired, fixed terminals
Wi-Fi enabled terminals
Bluetooth Enabled Terminals
Virtual Terminals
Electronic Point of Sales Systems

Our Payment Solutions

We are dedicated to finding the right payment solutions for your business, through understanding your business and your payment problems, we are able to deliver a bespoke solution.

Yorkshire Payments deal in solutions:

We work hard to understand our customers and provide the ideal product and price structure.

We know that you are unique:

We provide solutions that meet the business needs of our customers from a wide selection of options – we are not one-size-fits-all.

All our products are selected for their reliability and features:

We understand that taking payments must be the most reliable technology in any company.

The Right Payment Solution for You:

Hard-wired, fixed terminals

For areas where the internet is intermittent or non-existent.

Virtual terminals

Perfect for low usage, low cost applications.

Wi-Fi enabled terminals

For flexible applications.


Portals for integration with a wide range of web-based technologies.

Bluetooth enabled terminals

For flexible and mobile applications.

Electronic Point of Sales systems

Linked to payment processing for ease of use.