Q&A Chloe

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We’re a friendly bunch here at Yorkshire Payments, so we thought we’d let you get to know the team that keeps everything ticking over at our HQ in Brighouse.

Today, it’s the turn of Telesales Executive Chloe Harker

Hi Chloe!

What’s your favourite part of the job?


I enjoy speaking to different types of customers daily, building rapport with them and learning something new every day with the help from my colleagues.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?


Bubbly, Inquisitive and Determined.

Best known in the Yorkshire Payments office for…

Being the new girl 6 months in.

What do you think makes Yorkshire Payments stand out from its competitors?

The Yorkshire Payments team work together to meet each customer needs and we are also the only independently licenced payment company in Yorkshire.

Time to blow your own trumpet! What’s the nicest bit of feedback you’ve received from a customer or colleague?

I recently booked an appointment for an EPOS Demo and it was successful, James S said I should be proud and to keep getting more like that one.

What three words do you think describe the Yorkshire Payments way of doing things?

Professional, Smart and Helpful.

What are we most likely to find you doing when you’re not at work?

Spending Quality time with loved ones or going to the gym.

What’s your favourite spot in Yorkshire?



What’s your favourite Yorkshire saying?

Be Reet

Last time you paid in cash?


Gave Harvey £2 so he could get me a bacon sandwich from Greggs.

Last thing you bought on your card?

A Dominos on Saturday night.