Q&A Harry

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We’re a friendly bunch here at Yorkshire Payments, so we thought we’d let you get to know the team that keeps everything ticking over at our HQ in Brighouse.

Today, it’s the turn of Account Manager Harry Johnstone

Hi Harry! Tell us a bit about what you do at Yorkshire Payments.

I help ensure that all our customers’ payment terminals and accounts are running smoothly. This involves passing any issues on to the correct departments at our Brighouse HQ and generally making sure the customer’s experience with Yorkshire Payments is up to a good standard!

Sounds good. And what’s your favourite part of the job?

I enjoy helping customers resolve issues and love working on some of the particular projects I have assigned.

What three words would your colleagues use to describe you?

I reckon crazy, nuisance and barista!

Best known in the Yorkshire Payments office for…

The Truffle Shuffle..don’t ask!

What do you think makes Yorkshire Payments stands out from its competitors?

It’s our local, honest service with a care for local community that sets us apart.

Time to blow your own trumpet! What’s the nicest bit of feedback you’ve received from a customer or colleague?

When an issue was resolved, the customer thanked me for the speed it was solved and my calmness on the phone while they voiced their problem.

What three words do you think describe the Yorkshire Payments way of doing things?

Definitely open, honest, straight talking.

Away from work, what are we most likely to find you doing?

Playing Rugby, walking and watching the mighty Leeds United.

What’s your favourite spot in Yorkshire?

Elland Road Stadium!

And your favourite Yorkshire saying?

“Gi’us a chuddy”.

Last time you paid in cash?

For my haircut a few weeks ago

Last thing you bought on your card?

New desert boots