How to Connect a SPIRE SPG7 WiFi Terminal to an Internet Connection

Step 1. – Begin on the “Enter Amount to Start Payment” Screen

Step 2. – Press the square button to enter the menu

Step 3. – Use the right arrow button to select more options

Step 4. – Press ‘2’ to select the function option

Step 5. – Press ‘3’ and press the green button to enter

Step 6. – Enter the password ‘0000’ and press the green button to enter

Step 7. – Press ‘2’ to select ‘Exit’

Step 8. – Press ‘1’ to select  ‘Terminal’

Step 9. – Press the right arrow for more options

Step 10. – Press ‘1’ to select ‘WiFi Settings’

The Terminal will now search for available networks

Step 11. – Using the number buttons select the network you want to use. Use the arrow key to view more options.

Step 12. – You will be asked to enter a password. Enter your password and use the ‘#’ button to change between uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. 

Step 13. – Press the enter button once you have entered your password, and wait for the screen to state your password was successful.

Step 14. – Once your password is successful, press the green button.

Step 15. – Press the red button twice to exit terminal settings.

Step 16. – Hold down the power button to view the shutdown and restart menu. Using the right arrow key select ‘Restart’ and then press the green button.

Your terminal should now be connected to your chosen WiFi connection.