How to Set Up a Recurring Transaction Agreement with a Virtual Terminal

Step 1. – Visit and press ‘Log-in’

Step 2. – Enter your supplied username and password

Step 3. – Select ‘Virtual Terminal’

Step 4. – Change ‘Transaction Action’ to ‘Verify’

Step 5. – Change ‘Payment Type’ to ‘Initial recurring’

Step 6. – Enter your unique reference and description

Step 7. – Enter the card details

Step 8. – Enter the customers address and postcode

Step 9. – Press process transaction now

Step 10. – Select ‘Transactions’

Step 11. – Select the dropdown menu next to your verify and press ‘setup recurring’

Step 12. – Set your start date and enter a reference you would identify the agreement with (e.g Tool Payment)

Step 13. – Set the recurring amount to bill the customer and how many times to bill (this is known as cycles)

Step 14. – If the first or last payment differs in amount, you can change this here

Step 15. – Press ‘Create Agreement’