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The Gateway will always issue a responseCode to report the status of the transaction. These codes should be used rather than the responseMessage field to determine the outcome of a transaction.

A zero response code always indicates a successful outcome.

You can find the relevant response code for each transactions under the ‘State’ column on the ‘Transactions’ Page:

Hovering over a Response Code in the state column will produce a pop up bubble that will give you more information on the response and if there is a relevant error code associated:


Acquirer (FI) Error codes: 1-99

General Error Codes: 65536 - 65791

3-D Secure Error Codes: 65792 - 66047

Missing Request Field Error Codes: 66048 - 66303

Invalid Request Field Error Codes: 66304 - 66559

AVS/CV2 Check Response Codes

The AVS/CV2 Check Response Message field avscv2ResponseMessage is sent back in the raw form that is received from the Acquiring bank and can contain the following values;

The AVS/CV2 Response Code avscv2ResponseCode is made up of six characters and is sent back in the raw form that is received from the Acquiring bank. The first 4 characters can be decoded as below, the remaining 2 characters are currently reserved for future use;

3-D enrolment - auth codes

The 3-D Secure enrolment check field threeDSEnrolled can return the following values;

The 3-D Secure authentication check field threeDSAuthenticated can return the following values;