Card Processing

 Tapping your debit card against that bit of plastic is much easier than remembering to visit the cash machine before you start your shopping. 

If your business isn’t set up to let your customers pay by card, they’ll undoubtedly go elsewhere.

And that’s where we come in. Yorkshire Payments provides over 3,500 businesses like yours with affordable ways to process card payments, so you can make more money through card transactions at less cost to your business.

Sleek Card Machines
Portable Card Payment Machines

Finding the right solution for you.

We won’t baffle you with complex detail or sell you something you don’t need – we’ll simply find you the right product that does exactly what you need it to.


Seamless experience

Through a dedicated card-reader zone and faster transaction flows.

Wide range of solutions

For small merchants, hospitality and mobile businesses

Connectivity, Communication & Security

24/7 connectivity, highest security.

Flexible Configuration

Operates as standalone or as part of a POS solution.

All payment options

Including EMV Chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/Contactless

Designed for merchants

Fully branded compact device, long battery life and fast printer.