A service specifically for charities, our contactless donation boxes and stands allow people to donate quickly and easily using their cards.

Our hard-wired charity donation stands are ideal for receiving donations in places of worship or collecting funds in high footfall areas such as train stations, museums or airports.

Providing a fully mobile solution, our contactless donation boxes are great for taking donations on the move and are ideal for use at fundraising events.

Our charity donation stands and charity donation tins can be set at any fixed amount up to £30, and givers can use their smartphone, smartwatch or contactless card to donate.

Contactless Donation

Contactless Donation Stands

Contactless Donation Mini



We understand that many of you will be experiencing new and unexpected challenges during this difficult time and we are deeply committed to providing you with as much support as possible in this period of uncertainty.

We want to try and make our charges to you one less thing to worry about if you are amongst those most affected by COVID-19.

See how we can help, by clicking below to download our support booklet.