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Contactless and Chip & Pin Card Terminals

Card Payment Machines for Your Business

If your business isn’t set up to let your customers pay by card, they’ll undoubtedly go elsewhere.

And that’s where we come in. We provide businesses like yours with affordable ways to process card payments so you can make more money through card transactions at less cost to your business. 

Each business has their own specific requirements, that’s why we provide fixed, portable and mobile card payment machines and solutions to give you the freedom to run your business and accept card payments your way.

Fixed Card Machines

Our fixed card machines allow you to process contactless payments or use the machine to input payment details and process transactions over the phone.

Portable Card Machines

Our Contactless Portable card machines use a charging cradle that’s hard-wired into your telephone line or internet connection.

Mobile Card Machines

Contactless mobile uses specialist M2M technology that roams on to the strongest network, meaning you’re always guaranteed the strongest signal

Fixed Card Machines

Ideal for businesses needing to take payments in store or over the phone, our fixed card payment machines plug in with a power cable and operate using a telephone or internet connection.

Are you a business that needs to take pre-authorisation funds? You’re covered here too, as our fixed card machines allow you to do just that –making them ideal for hotels, car rental companies and beyond.

What’s more, our fixed card machines feature dynamic currency conversion, allowing you to accept currencies local to the customer, and support American Express transactions.

Verifone P400***

Ingenico ICT 250

Spire SPC5

Fixed Card Terminals

Ingenico Desk 5000

* Dual Comm device (GPRS/3G/4G, WIFI)
**Tri-Comm device (LAN,GPRS,WIFI)
*** Only sold integrated into a till

Portable Card Machines

Using a portable terminal you can accept contactless transactions within your place of work.

Ideal for restaurants, bars, hair salons and hotels. Perfect for businesses who want to offer flexibility and a personal service.

Contactless portable uses Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, or Internet connectivity.

Ingenico Move 5000*


Ingenico Move 3500 WIFI/BT

Ingenico IWL252 Bluetooth

Ingenico IWL258 WIFI

Castle Vega 3000 4G/WIFI

Verifone V240M WIFI***

PAX A920*

Spire SPG7 Tri Comms**

* Dual Comm device (GPRS/3G/4G, WIFI)
**Tri-Comm device (LAN,GPRS,WIFI)
*** Only sold integrated into a till

Mobile Card Machines

Using a mobile chip and pin unit, you can accept contactless transactions at any location, at any time.

Ideal for delivery drivers, tradespeople, taxi drivers and pretty much anyone that needs to take card payments on the move, mobile card machines are a completely flexible card payment solution.

Contactless mobile uses specialist M2M technology that roams on to the strongest network, meaning you’re always guaranteed the strongest signal and will be able to process card transactions no matter what your location.

Spire SPG7 Tri Comms**

Ingenico Move 3500 GPRS

Castle Vega 3000 4G/WIFI

PAX A920*

Ingenico IWL251 GPRS

Ingenico Move 5000*

* Dual Comm device (GPRS/3G/4G, WIFI)
**Tri-Comm device (LAN,GPRS,WIFI)
*** Only sold integrated into a till

Features and Benefits

Seamless experience

Through a dedicated card-reader zone and faster transaction flows.

Wide range of solutions

For small merchants, hospitality and mobile businesses

Connectivity, Communication & Security

24/7 connectivity, highest security.

Flexible Configuration

Operates as standalone or as part of a POS solution.

All payment options

Including EMV Chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/Contactless

Other Services

All of our payment solutions are designed to communicate with each other. See our other products and services below to see how we could combine payment solutions to better fit your business needs.

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How to Get Started

Customer Journey

Step 1

Call us on 01422 323785 to book an appointment with one of our Relationship Managers

Step 2

You will be assigned a Relationship Manager who will analyse your current set-up and discuss your business requirements.

Step 3

Your Relationship Manager will talk you through which Card Machines suits your business best and explain payment options and potential savings.

Step 4

We will submit an application to one of our acquiring banks.

Why Use Yorkshire Payments?

As your business grows, your payment needs grows with you. Our payment systems are designed to adapt to change and to be ready to add more capabilities. Rest assured that your chosen payment method will be with you all the way.

Visit Our Product Showroom

We have one of the only Merchant Services showrooms in the country. This is to allow our customers to try before they buy.

FREE Consultation

We spend time with our customers to find out their business needs, no two customers are the same, this is why all of our payment solutions are tailored exactly to your requirements.

Customer Wish List

During your consultation we ask you for your ‘Wishlist’. This is a list of all of the capabilities you require for your payment solution to truly benefit your business.

With You Every Step

After your FREE consultation our Tech specialists get started on developing and tailoring your payment solutions based on your wish list.

Remote Assistance

We provide remote help after your set-up. This could be troubleshooting, or adding additional capabilities. We are always on hand to help.

Dedciated Team

We have a dedicated team of payment specialists and Tech experts who are on hand to help you.

What our customers say

Customer Satisfaction

“…their knowledge and expertise will help to create efficiencies…”
Karen Donnelly
Marshall Group
“…they have an excellent track record for rapid service…”
Michaela Brook
John Smith's Stadium
“…we are very happy and would highly recommend…”
David Mott
Cannon Hall Farm


How Do I get started?

Call us on 01422 323785 and you will be connected to our customer care team who will be able to provide you with the next steps to getting started, we will ask about your business, current contracts (if you have one) and ask for a brief overview of your business needs.

who is my main point of contact?

You will be introduced to one of our Relationship Managers who will help you at every step of the way.

Next Steps

We offer a FREE consultation. Visit our showroom to explore the different products we provide. You can book a consultation with one of our Card Payment specialists who will guide you in making the best decisions for your needs.

Who Needs Card Machines?

Whether you’re an independent or a large outfit with multiple site locations we have a payment solution for you. We have helped many businesses large and small throughout many sectors to accept card payments.

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