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A Smarter Way to Pay: Experience the Convenience of Pay by Link

Create a seamless, hassle-free, secure way for your customers to make a payment by storing customer card details to speed up the process.

Pay By Link by Yorkshire Payments allows businesses to send a link to their customers, enabling them to make a payment conveniently. Instead of using traditional payment methods like cash, credit cards, or bank transfers, Pay By Link enables customers to complete a transaction by clicking on the provided link.

Pay by Link gives businesses the ability to accept payments remotely, making it suitable for e-commerce, remote services, or businesses without a physical store. It also provides flexibility for customers who can make payments at their convenience using their preferred payment method and device.

How Does Pay By Link Work?

1. Merchant (that's you) generates the payment link.

The payment link will include the payment amount and the specific transaction information

2. Send the Link to Your Customer

Either Via email, QR code or send the link manually to any device.

3. Customer Receives the Link

The customer will receive the pay button/link, once clicked, it redirects them to the payment gateway page.

4. Payment Details

The customer checks the amount and enters their payment details to complete the payment.

5. Payment Complete

After the payment has been processed successfully, you and the customer will receive a confirmation of payment. A receipt will also be provided.

What Businesses would benefit from Pay By Link?

Service Based Businesses

Businesses in industries such as consulting, professional services, or home services can use Pay By Link to accept payments from clients for services rendered.

Non-profit organisations

Pay By Link can be useful for non-profits to accept donations and payments. This can include one-time donations, recurring contributions, or event registrations.

Freelancers and Contractors

Independent contractors, freelancers, or gig workers who provide services such as graphic design, writing, web development, or photography can utilise Pay By Link to request payments from clients.

How Secure is Pay By Link?

Yorkshire Payments’ Pay By Link is PCI DSS Level 1 registered as an approved service provider by Visa and Mastercard and is protected by DDoS mitigation tools. Within the gateway, built-in security settings include AVS, CV2 checks, 3D Secure, velocity check rules and additional pre-integrated third-party fraud solutions.

3D secure – You will be fully secured by Mastercard Securecode, Verified by Visa and American Express Safekey. (Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Ready).

AVS/CV2 Checking- Integrated Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CV2) checks.

PCI Compliance – PCI DSS Level 1 registered as an approved service provider by Visa and Mastercard. Our full card tokenisation allows the storage of card details in a PCI friendly environment making it faster to take payments and store customer details.

Velocity Checks – A comprehensive fraud monitoring and prevention system. Widely used by ecommerce merchants, it’s designed to highlight potential fraud based on the rate of purchases and multiple transactions.

The Benefits

Say Goodbye to Complex Payment Processes. Get Started With the Simplicity of Pay By Link

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