Yorkshire Payments partners with Overgate Hospice to launch contactless giving

Here at Yorkshire Payments, we’re delighted to have recently partnered with Overgate Hospice in Elland to help the hospice modernise the way it collects charitable donations.

Overgate has introduced our contactless charity donation points for use at fundraising events and at its Elland headquarters, making it much more convenient for the charity to accept donations of money.

Laura Golding, director of income generation at Overgate Hospice, told us:

“The contactless charity donation stands allow anyone wishing to donate to Overgate to select the amount they want to give and tap their card, phone or smartwatch to complete the transaction using contactless, Apple Pay or Google pay.

“They are portable too, which means we can maximise the vital donations we receive to the charity, especially from the increasing number of people who don’t carry cash but still wish to donate money.”

James Howard, managing director at Yorkshire Payments, added:

“We are delighted to be working with our local hospice to help them launch contactless donations tins for the first time.

“Traditionally, charities like Overgate rely heavily on cash donations to make up a large part of their fundraising income. However, as fewer people continue to carry cash, it is important they make it as easy as possible for individuals to continue to donate.

“Moving with the times by offering flexible ways for people to pay is a key factor for maximising sales in any sector, and charities must ensure they are in line with this by presenting supporters with the most convenient ways for people to give.”

James Howard (Yorkshire Payments) and Laura Golding (Overgate Hospice)

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